Alison Brie Meme

Posted by Kitch on April 17, 2013


Community star Alison Brie just proved how cool she is in real life, pretty different from her character Annie in the comedy series Community. The beautiful actress shows how she’s super adorable meme imitations during an interview with Paul F. Tompkins. She was asked to copy some very popular internet memes, which were the following: The Grumpy cat, The creepy overly attached girlfriend, Ehrmagerd, Unflattering Beyonce, etc. These were all done with the use of only her face.

The star known for her character in Community and Mad Men also recently posed in a really sexy shoot with the magazine Esquire. The 30 year old actress who looked stunning in swim suits talked about her love for money and sex saying “Money means better meals at better place. Sex, because some of the most humorous things happen when you’re naked with another person.” We all definitely agree with this woman’s opinion. For more about what the star thinks of romance and life, grab a copy of this month’s edition of Esquire.

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