The Internet is The Spy

Posted by Kitch on June 13, 2013

Majority of this generation can no longer survive without the internet. From desktop computers, laptops to mobile phones, it is very easy to access the internet. The world we live in is now being run by the interwebs. The recent news about the most wanted spy in the world, Edward Snowden, who once worked for the NSA (National Security Agency) leaked the news to big time Journals, The Guardian and Washington Post that the big time internet companies like Google release information such as personal emails to spy companies that work for the government.

Is it a matter of security? Our privacy is being invaded in the most awful way but are we just going to accept that it is done to protect the citizens? What are the boundaries? Will there be a fallout? A lot of people are praising Edward Snowden for talking about it instead of feeling unforgiving for revealing this top secret information to the public.

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