The Internet is The Spy

Posted by Kitch

Majority of this generation can no longer survive without the internet. From desktop computers, laptops to mobile phones, it is very easy to access the internet. The world we live in is now being run by the interwebs. The recent news about the most wanted spy in the world, Edward Snowden, who once worked for the NSA (National Security Agency) leaked the news to big time Journals, The Guardian and Washington Post that the big time internet companies like Google release information such as personal emails to spy companies that work for the government.

Is it a matter of security? Our privacy is being invaded in the most awful way but are we just going to accept that it is done to protect the citizens? What are the boundaries? Will there be a fallout? A lot of people are praising Edward Snowden for talking about it instead of feeling unforgiving for revealing this top secret information to the public.


Less online shoppers

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Will you still want to shop online when online retailers have to charge for sales tax? Will the extra dollars matter to you? For 44% of internet shoppers, they said it would matter a whole lot. This is just expected, a lot of people will discontinue shopping online once the Marketplace Fairness Act is approved by the congress.

The Marketplace Fairness Act will have online retailers to collect sales tax if they are making more than $1 million each year.  This law is only appropriate for the ones in the United States. There are so many people shopping online, most of which are from the 18-25 year old demographics. These younger people would choose to just go out and shop the traditional way instead of having to pay more on top of the item’s cost.

A survey was done recently with online shoppers as participants and 61% of the voters did not want the MFA to be approved while only 39% had a positive reaction about it.


Alison Brie Meme

Posted by Kitch


Community star Alison Brie just proved how cool she is in real life, pretty different from her character Annie in the comedy series Community. The beautiful actress shows how she’s super adorable meme imitations during an interview with Paul F. Tompkins. She was asked to copy some very popular internet memes, which were the following: The Grumpy cat, The creepy overly attached girlfriend, Ehrmagerd, Unflattering Beyonce, etc. These were all done with the use of only her face.

The star known for her character in Community and Mad Men also recently posed in a really sexy shoot with the magazine Esquire. The 30 year old actress who looked stunning in swim suits talked about her love for money and sex saying “Money means better meals at better place. Sex, because some of the most humorous things happen when you’re naked with another person.” We all definitely agree with this woman’s opinion. For more about what the star thinks of romance and life, grab a copy of this month’s edition of Esquire.


Iceland Banning Porn

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In an effort to protect children from being exposed to violent pornography, the Icelandic politicians are proposing a ban to internet porn. If they get enough support, then this country could be the first Western country to ban internet pornography. But even before this, they already have an existing law that does not allow printing and distribution of pornography. But why is porn considered such a threat? Iceland‘s Interior Minister, Ogmundur Jonnason explained ”We have to be able to discuss a ban on violent pornography, which we all agree has a very harmful effects on young people and can have a clear link to incidents of violent crime,” With the internet being available at most house holds and children comfortably using the computer, it is inevitable that they would stumble into something not appropriate for their age. Researches has found that pornography has become increasingly violent which can lead to viewers attitudes toward sex and women violent too.



Te’oing Goes Viral

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The internet is a pretty hilarious! It takes one pretty embarrassing story and makes it an overnight internet trend. So what is it this time? It’s Notre Dame college football star Manti Te’o and his supposedly “dead” girlfriend that apparently doesn’t exist. The story is pretty simple, Manti met Lennay Kekua online and just like a regular online dating story, they fell in love. Kekua, during the course of their relationship has told the footballer that she has leukemia. He told reporters that he phoned her every night in her hospital bed and prayed that she return to health but Kekua passed away on September 11, the same day his grandmother died. People fell in love with the grieving football player and rooted for him. – BUT THIS WAS ALL A BIG LIE. A hoax that was so far fetched, people can’t help but think if Te’o himself was in on it too.

So the internet did what it clearly does best- poke fun of it all.” Te’oing” is now gone viral. It is a term coined by some smart-ass person on the internet where a person would take photos of themselves with their arm around an imaginary girlfriend. There are now thousands of these photos online. The hilarity of it all is amazing!



Breaking All Records

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Like it or hate it, Korean pop singer sensation Psy has done what no one else has in the past. He had 1 billion Youtube views with his irritatingly catchy song Gangnam Style. Making it the most watched Youtube video of all time! This new record beat Justin Bieber’s 813 million views for his hit song Baby. The music video shows Psy doing comical horse dancing in several locations in Gangnam. It pokes fun of the rich high society living in the district of Gangnam in Korea. It was shot in July 2012 for two days. The video also featured cameo appearance from other famous K-Pop stars like Hyuna, from 4 minute (appeared on the last two dance sequence) and the little boy who appeared and dance during the beginning of the video is Hwang Min-Hoo who got famous because of the reality show Korea’s Got Talent. Since Psy’s video went viral, he has appeared in many US shows like Ellen and SNL.


Keyword Density Helps You Provide Useful Content

Posted by Brian

As far as writing or blogging on the web is concerned, there are requirements on the number of keywords you should use. Some may not care about it, but it is really for the readers and the search engines.

You know we use search engines every day in our business endeavors but we don’t actually take the time to stop and think about what it is they do for us and how we can use them to our own benefit.

You see it is the search engines that ultimately bring your website to the notice of your prospective customers. Hence it is better and makes better business sense to know how these search engines actually work and how they present information to the customer initiating a search.


Dangers of Internet

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that the internet has become the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we’ve ever seen and that using the internet is like having a tank in your bedroom. He also addressed mobile internet and described it as a tracking device that also make calls. If you think about it, somehow his words make sense. There are so many disturbing issues about the internet such as cyber bullying, hacking, sexual predators, to name a few. It is particularly a touchy issue for parent who want to protect their kids but doesn’t know what to do about it. So experts are advising parents to be extra strict with their children. There is no stopping them from using the computer but it would be best that they are to be educated on how to use it safely. Insist that they don’t give out personal information such as address and phone number. If necessary, ask them to not use their real names. Block and websites that is not appropriate for their age too.


Limiting Your Surfing Time

Posted by Hannah

I love the World Wide Web, but I also know how it can suck you in and make you forget about other responsibilities. If you’ve spent more time on the web surfing, shopping, chatting with friends, or doing whatever it is you love doing on the web, then you know exactly what I mean.

If you wish to spend less time on the Internet, the best way to do it is by completely cutting it off. However, with the Internet now a tool used for almost everything, from getting some beauty tips to accessing vital work documents, not going on the Internet is not realistic at all. Instead, what you can do is to figure out exactly what you are searching for or what you are going to do before even turning your computer on. That way you can finish what you need to do faster and hopefully avoid distractions.

Image via Bill Selak


Four areas for consideration when writing SEO content

Posted by Giselle

A search engine optimisation campaign requires the continuous creation of content. Content for your website, blog, articles, social networking updates and many other areas all needs to be regularly written and must be of a high standard if going to work effectively for your business. A lot of hard work, effort and consideration needs to go into the development of this content if it is going to work successfully as part of an SEO campaign. There are four main areas of particular significance which must be considered when writing SEO content if hoping it will be effective.

The layout of a piece of content is highly important. Information must be clearly displayed so those reading it can find and understand the information being given quickly and easily. Internet searchers want information fast and will lose interest if details within content are hard to find because the content is cluttered and badly organised. You need to help others find relevant information as quickly and easily as possible and thoughtful layout can help with this. Read the rest of this entry »