Photoshop For Free Online?

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We all know that Adobe’s popular software release, Photoshop is hard to come by since you have to get license to install it. But now thanks to a new strategy by Adobe Photosystems, you can do your photo editing online.

Although a beta version, this new introduction in the market is sure to draw tons of people to their web and let us hope that their web capacity can handle the heavy traffic that is expected to ensue. Otherwise, you may soon see the beta option closed soon!

Photoshop Express which is now open to everyone as a “beta” test version, strips away both the complexity and the price tag of the original Photoshop. This free web-based editor offers tools for one-click cropping, color adjusting, and sharing.

(Source) The Christian Science Monitor


Four things you need to know about your audience

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Knowing your audience is vital if running an online business. It can help you to target potential customers effectively and help you to ensure your business has the best chance of achieving success. The more you know about your target audience, the better you will be at developing your business for them and letting them know this too.

Even if you have been working in a certain market for a number of years, it is important to carry out regular research. Online consumer behavior, attitudes, wants and needs change over time and you must have up to date information if it is going to be useful.

You have to know what your target audience want. You must be aware of their wants and needs which are relevant to your business so you can provide them with this. If your business is not offering what others want then it will have very little chance of success. You have to know what products those within your target audience want and the services they expect. Read the rest of this entry »


WWW Trivia

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Did you know that “www” (pronounced as “double you double you double you”) is the longest possible three-letter acronym to pronounce in English. With nine syllables, it would not be impossible to imagine that some Web users might find the acronym a bit tricky to pronounce when used in everyday conversations. Fortunately, there are shorter pronunciations for such people like “triple double you”, “dub dub dub”, or “wuh wuh wuh”. Also, the World Wide Web has its own Mandarin Chinese version and is translated to wàn wéi wǎng (万维网). It literally means “ten-thousand dimensional net” and is quite a fitting definition for something as vast and powerful as the Web.


World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design

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The leading Internet tool, combining hypertext and multimedia to offer a network of educational, governmental, and commercial resources is the Worl Wide Web. A range of formats as it also organizes that information through hypertext links, much of its power comes from the fact that it presents information. Many internet surfers cannot access the full range of assets this revolutionary tool provides the multimedia nature of the web combined with the poor design of some websits.


Bridging Skype to Business Telephony with Asterisk PBX

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With outsourcing being in trend these days, talking to clients sitting in a foreign county regularly has become important. However, making calls overseas frequently is not something which is practically possible from the monetary point of view, right? As a result, Skype has come out with solutions to make our life easier and peaceful. Skype allows for low-cost calling to landlines and mobile phones and free calling to more than 400 million registered Skype users around the world using Skype for Asterisk. Skype for Asterisk provides Asterisk PBX solutions to make, receive, and transfer Skype calls.

Skype for Asterisk is attuned with Asterisk 1.4, Asterisk 1.6, AsteriskNOW, and Asterisk Business Edition and supports both G.711 and G.729a calling. Skype and hosted Asterisk provide a low cost telephony options. Skype for Asterisk combines with the Skype community Read the rest of this entry »


SharePoint Server 2010 Data Connection Library

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What is a Data Connection Library in SharePoint Server 2010?

A Data Connection Library in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is a library that can contain two kinds of data connections: an Office Data Connection (ODC) file or a Universal Data Connection (UDC) file. Microsoft InfoPath 2010 uses data connections that comply with the Universal Data Connection (UDC) file schema and typically have either a *.udcx or *.xml file name extension. Data sources described by these data connections are stored on the server and can be used in standard form templates and browser-enabled form templates.
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Superfast internet may replace World Wide Web

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Allocate on the spot online gaming with hundreds of thousands of players and offer high-defination video telephony for the price of a local call, on the latest spin-off from Cern the particle physics centre that created the internet the grid could also provide the power needed to send sophisticated images.


Alison Brie Meme

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Community star Alison Brie just proved how cool she is in real life, pretty different from her character Annie in the comedy series Community. The beautiful actress shows how she’s super adorable meme imitations during an interview with Paul F. Tompkins. She was asked to copy some very popular internet memes, which were the following: The Grumpy cat, The creepy overly attached girlfriend, Ehrmagerd, Unflattering Beyonce, etc. These were all done with the use of only her face.

The star known for her character in Community and Mad Men also recently posed in a really sexy shoot with the magazine Esquire. The 30 year old actress who looked stunning in swim suits talked about her love for money and sex saying “Money means better meals at better place. Sex, because some of the most humorous things happen when you’re naked with another person.” We all definitely agree with this woman’s opinion. For more about what the star thinks of romance and life, grab a copy of this month’s edition of Esquire.


Google: Tax Included

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In the chaotic system of online retailers included in the line up of Google Product Search or what was known to be Froogle, a new system is being adopted. This will ensure that what you thought to be a good buy in the net will come out to really be a good buy. So Google has encouraged retailers with their newest program to INCLUDE their Shipping and Tax information so that their buyers will have the general idea of how much the goods cost including its shipping costs and other miscellaneous payables. In this way, they would not feel fooled by the retail site and the vendor. The system lets the retailers include a note of their tax charge if any. In most other sites this is a common practice already but Google is taking it further by taking the initiative to set the example and to save customers from being surprised with exorbitant tax and shipping costs.


Always do Safe Searches

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Web Search

There are over a million websites in the world today and do remember that not all of them contain information that will help you out. Some are websites made to create havoc for you and even contain viruses or dialers that can become major problems as far as safety of your computer is concerned.

Thanks to safe searches that can be enabled, the control towards including these sites in search queries have been taken out. On the other hand, some sites which are not really that hazardous may be included but to the searching person, that is the least of their problems. Just stick out with the safety hazards for better web use.